Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is now known all over the world for being the lightest, the most refined and the richest in natural substances. He prefers products such as bread, pasta, fish, fruit and vegetables. Extra virgin olive oil is a very important food, typical product of the Mediterranean basin. The economic boom with its frenzy has changed lifestyle habits in the food sector too. Too “fast” and fatty dishes have led man to an improper diet that risks “ruining” his health. Authoritative American and non-American studies have shown that “Mediterranean” food, from Europe to North Africa, is the most balanced diet as it gives the human body a fair amount of “healthy” fats. In particular, extra virgin olive oil acts almost “medicinally” on arteries, liver, and other vital organs. It is therefore particularly suitable for the development of children but also indispensable for keeping healthy. This oil is not simply a condiment but a real food, with very important substances for our body. It is suitable not only for seasoning but also for frying as it is totally natural. If you want to get an idea of ​​the typical dishes that make up the Mediterranean diet and in particular of the typical Ligurian ones, go to the page dedicated to our recipes.