Our history

In 1979, when I was born, my parents produced extra virgin olive oil in the municipality of Villa Faraldi, a small Ligurian village in the hinterland of the Steria valley, located in the province of Imperia; their parents already owned centuries-old olive groves.

In 2001 I created OTRE D’OR, investing my savings in the construction of a food laboratory, in compliance with the law, with a HACCP plan that protects my customers in terms of food safety.

I knew the production very well, the safety of the product was in place, the most difficult part remained, the sale, in fact producing only niche products with an extra virgin olive oil with a harmonious and fruity taste, which maintains vitamins A, E, K, D (important antioxidants) and with a low level of acidity, it was not easy to make it known.

Thus I embarked on the adventure of participating in fairs and markets in the various cities of northern Italy, receiving great feedback from the public, who still today, after many years of activity follows me, no longer in trade fairs, but buying here in my e -commerce or by phone, at n. 3395638347.

Otre D’Or’s Mission will always be to provide you with my brand with my name for super guaranteed quality.

Thanks for the trust you have shown me.